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League of Kingdoms

League of Kingdoms

League of Kingdoms bills itself as the World’s first MMO strategy game owned & powered by users. The game is put out by NPLUS Entertainment and is a massive multiplayer online game with an entire ecosystem to explore. Players can build their kingdoms on a parcel of LAND which is in actuality a non-fungible token on the Ethereum blockchain that allows you to sell or trade your LAND digital asset to other players. Gamers can level up their Kingdom by completing simple tasks and thus gaining resources like gold and lumber to build up their castle and infrastructure.

The game is very straightforward and the UI is easy to understand so there is not a steep learning curve to get started playing right away. The game lets you join forces with other players in an alliance of your choosing which carries certain benefits in addition to providing some protection from external attacks. Players mine resources like gold, lumber, corn and stone to spend on improving their kingdom level and to train troops to both defend your kingdom and attack other competing kingdoms as well as using those troops to go on monster hunts in order to obtain additional resources.

League of Kingdoms

The game has 2 different viewing modes. The first Point-of-View is from inside your kingdom where you can manage all of the internal aspects of your fiefdom, from building a new stone quarry to mine the resources you need to build up your castle, to managing your Treasure House which will periodically gift you with gold and silver treasure chests. The other POV in the game displays the exterior of your castle realm and surrounding areas which allows you to view competing players' kingdoms and stage an attack on them as well as to aquire random resources which the game populates randomly and is available to everyone.

Your LAND is an Ethereum NFT tied to a specific set of coordinates which earn DAI rewards and can be managed through the Land Portal. The internal dashboard shows relevant details such as owner and reward history. Prosperous kingdoms which are located on your property raise the development level of your LAND, which in turn increases the amount of DAI you receive monthly. The game overall is fun to play and makes good use of mastering your ability to manage your resources effectively. League of Kingdoms features smooth gameplay and good enough graphics all while offering the ability to mine some real world cryptocurrency in the form of DAI to make for an enjoyable and engaging gaming experience.

You can learn more about the project by visiting League of Kingdoms