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Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a decentralized dApp NFT game built on the Ethereum blockchain utilizing ERC721 tokens which allows users to buy, sell, trade and battle Axies using Ether (ETH) through your wallet via a smart contract. The game is a digital pet universe inspired by Pokémon where you can compete in 1v1 matchups to win their "Small Love Potion" (SLP) cryptocurrency by defeating your opponent in the Arena. The gameplay is fun and engaging and presented in a cartoon-style similar to something like Angry Birds where your Axies will attack by doing flips and landing squarely on your opponent's head with a great big splat. Three Axies battle against each other in real-time with cards being dealt to you based on your teams body parts. Your strength and powers are determined by cards associated with each Axie which you play in a series of rounds with each player taking a respective turn. There is also a mode to play against the computer AI in order to both familiarize yourself with the game before you square off in the Arena, as well as to earn quest reward points.

Axies can be obtained through their in house marketplace or by third party NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, and the traded volume of cards is very active on said sites so it's a good and healthy ecosystem for their non-fungible tokens. This can be a key factor in deciding which blockchain based projects you might want to consider investing in, since if you should one day want to cash-out, it is good to know that there is a reliable amount of daily volume traded so that you can be confident there will be someone on the other end who actually wants to buy your NFT.

Axie Infinity

Another interesting aspect of Axie Infinity is that it takes a cue from the original DeFi non-fungible token, the wildly popular Crypto Kitties, where once you own a pair of Axies you can breed them together to form offspring based on their particular DNA strengths and weaknesses and strengths so there is a whole other dimension to playing this NFT game than just battling in the Arena. In addition the game world is subdivided into non-fungible tokenized plots of Land which act as both homes and bases of operation for your Axies.

Recently, cryptocurrency exchange Binance has announced the project's new governance token AXS will be added to it's platform so AXS token holders can stake their tokens to earn weekly rewards. The interest from the cryptocurrency community for this project has been robust, and if the weekly volume numbers of Axies traded on OpenSea are any indication this crypto game might very well have a bright future so it is a crypto project worth keeping an eye on.

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