- Non-fungible Token Exchange



Rarible is an innovative web3 website that allows digital artists and creators to mint "Non Fungible Tokens" aka NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain in the form of digital assets which can be traded and sold to other users. In addition, members of the platorm can buy, sell and trade on their NFT marketplace which is community owned and governed by the RARI token. By holding RARI governance tokens, cryptocurrency and DeFi enthusiasts can vote on proposals which effect the platform and curate featured artwork.

Rarible streamlines the process of creating your very own NFT and no coding skills are required so anyone interested can easily mint their own non-fungible token in a few minutes. Like OpenSea, Rarible is a non-custodial platform and marketplace so at no time does the site take possesion of your NFT and it remains in your own wallet which you have the private keys to. Simply connect your web3 enabled wallet like Metamask, WalletConnect or Fortmatic to get started.

Rarible features NFT art, but also has categories for photography, games, domains, DeFi projects and various metaverses and collectibles so there is sometheting for every NFT collector to enjoy, and as a result, the platform has achieved a remarkable amount of success in a relatively short amount of time.


A standout feature that Rarible boasts is that when minting your NFT, the site allows you to programatically lock in future royalties on all subsequent sales of the creators art by selecting a percentage of your choosing that will accrue to the owner upon any future sale of said art. This is a cutting edge feature that allows creators on Rarible to potentially earn residual income far into the future. For example if a new artist were to create an original work of art and sell it for a mere $100, but set a 10% resale comission fee percentage then if that artists work became more popular and it were to resell for $1,000 then the original artist would earn yet another $100, and if were to sell again someday for $10,000 then the artist would earn a $1,000 commission. It's easy to see how by merely setting a nominal comission fee on all future sales, you could help bring in income for potentially years to come even after that particular piece of artwork left your custody and was transferred on the blockchain to someone else.

Another feature that sets Rarible apart from competitors such as OpenSea is that there is a built-in social media component to Rarible that OpenSea and others lack. Users on Rarible can follow each other and like one anothers artwork and other NFTs. This increases the stickiness of the site and helps more engaged members of Rarible to build up a loyal fan base and get the equivalent of the Twitter verified checkmark, which is helpful in verifying that you are indeed buying from the genuine artist.

Rarible itself is nicely laid out, with an immersive UI that is easy to navigate and allows you to engage with other users and the NFT artwork they have minted.

You can learn more about the project by visiting Rarible