- Non-fungible Token Exchange



OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace is a must-see for any collector seeking digital art. OpenSea is in many respects similar to eBay for non-fungible tokens, but with a lot of advanced web3 features and benefits that seperates them from web 2.0 sites like eBay. News of multi-million dollar NFT art sales continue apace in 2021 and OpenSea is a big part of how far the non-fungible token market has come in a relatively short amount of time. The site is the biggest in terms of pure volume and is very easy and intuitive to use. OpenSea allows you to buy and sell rare NFTs from virtually every major cryptocurrency and Ethereum project using the ERC-721 NFT token standard as well as the newer ERC-1155 standard.

The platform has Millions of NFTs, with hundreds of categories from digital art and trading cards, to resources for all the popular blockchain games. The site has a good UI that is user friendly and easy to navigate, and there are numerous ways to search for just the non-fungible token you have been looking for. Simply connect your Metamask or other web3 enabled wallet and a world of NFT art is at your fingertips.


Like all web3 enabled platforms, it is unnecessary to make an account with OpenSea. Simply connecting your web3 wallet will give you access to the website. Furthermore, since OpenSea uses smart contracts for transactions on the platform, at no time does OpenSea have custody of your assets. You control your digital collectibles from inside your Ethereum wallet, and you alone have the ability to verify transactions from within your wallet that get sent to Ethereum's blockchain.

In addition to top digital artists selling NFT art, the site also has tons of collectibles including trading cards for blockchain games as well as many offerings from virtual worlds and domain names to the sports world and any list of non-fungible token dApp related sites has to include OpenSea.

You can learn more about the project by visiting OpenSea